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Why Does it Seem Everyone is Considering a Bulgaria Investment Property

Now is a great time to invest in property in Bulgaria, due to the wonderful state of the economy, and the beautiful homes that are available there. Even if you are from a foreign country and want to purchase a second home in Bulgaria, you'll find a home with the features you want at a price you'll love. One of the reasons that Bulgaria homes and Bulgaria investment properties are so affordable is the low currency risk. The Lev, which is the Bulgarian currency, can be exchanged for low rates with the pound (British currency) and the DM (German currency) as well as the dollar, which makes it feasible to buy property in the country even if you don't readily possess the currency of Bulgaria. Rates are now about 1 pound to 2.

86 Lev. Also, it is very possible to receive high yields when renting the property you purchase in Bulgaria for investment purposes. This is especially good news for businesses who are renting buildings out to occupants or employees, or those who are purchasing an additional home in order to rent it out to tenant(s) to make a profit.

Rental yields on residential property are up to 8% currently, and yields on commercial property are at about 12%. Perhaps one of the main reasons why Bulgaria investment property is so affordable is due to the end of Communist rule in the country in the 1980s. Shortly after, in 1992, the country began implementing the Restitution Laws, which entitled families and their descendants to the right to return to their own land. While the application for restitution expired the following year, many families were able to renovate their 'new' homes, as well as sell them for profit, which boosted the real estate market of the country tremendously. Whether you're thinking of starting a business of any size, or want a new vacation home, Bulgaria most definitely has a few options that will make you consider the country's investment properties for your next purchase.

Surrinder Ahitan's website Bulgarian Property Advice provides detailed information and advice on the most lucrative areas to invest in Bulgaria. You will learn how to get around, get a flavor of the language, history, culture and more.

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