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Ways To Become A Better Network Marketing Recruiter

Do you feel like you are not a very good network marketing recruiter? This is a big problem most network marketers face because to make residual income over a long period of time you need a downline of distributors. To do that you have to be able to recruit new distributors. This is easier to do today than it used to be. It has always been interesting to me that the majority of people who join a network marketing company quit because of 2 reasons.

1. They have no attachment to the product. 2. They never sponsor anyone. What happens is they join a mlm opportunity because they see dollar signs. For whatever their reasons are they want to make money.

They buy products at wholesale to support their business, but for many different reasons they never learn how to recruit. You need to master these 3 things if you want to become a network marketing recruiter. 1. Change your attitude.

Because you are about to become one it si o.k. to start thinking like a successful network marketer.

The internet is going to help you by doing a few simple things. You can not afford to hold yourself back because of your past failures in life. We all fail. The key is how we repspond. I do not care if you have been in a network marketing business in the past either. The climate for people making money at home today has changed thanks to the internet.

It is important that you learn how to think like a success. Go to and start reading articles about to think like a success.

2. Learn to get your own leads. Many people in mlm buy leads. For the most part this is a waste of time. I have even seen ads that say "only losers buy leads.

" I do not know if I would go that far, but the problem is these leads are recycled over and over. You will be getting names, email addresses, and phone numbers of people who have already been beat to death. Do you want to waste your time trying to talk someone into something, or would you rather spend your time following up with fresh interested prospects.

Do do that you need 3 things. An autoresponder, a series of email messages that teach people how to do something, and a landing page or splash page to promote. 3. Develop a good follow up system. Because a person has to be exposed to your business opportunity many times before they act you need to follow up.

You have probably heard the fortune is in the follow up. Today that means using your autoresponder to drip information on your prospect. This builds your credibility and allows you to start developing relationships in a very passive non-threatening way.

4. So what you want to do is promote your splash page, put a sign up form on it, capture email addresses and names, and then follow up using your autoresponder. This is not rocket science.

The best network marketing recruiters today do exactly what I am saying. They do not buy leads, they do not bother their family and friends, and they do not waste time prospecting in person. They follow this system and advertise online like a madman.

They use the internet to work hard. The internet allows you to recruit more quickly and it is something you can teach. It is duplicable because anyone can do it.

This is how you become a better network marketing recruiter and make more money in mlm.

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