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Traverse City Mortgages

In Northern Michigan it is difficult to find a mortgage Broker or Bank that truly is competitive and serves the needs of the customer. In ones quest to find a very competitive rate for a mortgage and an agent looking out for the customers best interest, the journey is complicated and deceptive. Many of the national banks and mortgage companies offer competitive rates and very quickly they show, in very small print, their APR (annual percentage rate).

There is only one Mortgage Company that I am aware of that not only offers mortgages in Traverse City and Northern Michigan but has excellent rates and also offers free refinances. And they are not embarrassed to show their APR. In Traverse City there is a Mortgage Company that offers great rates and programs and also shows prospective clients all of their options plus their overall financial benefit. They never advertise their services, because they flourish on referrals.

If mortgage rates drop they refinance the client's mortgage at no cost to the client. And they don't add these costs to the mortgage, they pay for them for the client. The client maintains the same mortgage balance and they pay absolutely nothing for the refinance. Try to find a bank or national mortgage company that can do that. It is almost " un heard of" to find a company that does all this. All they want in return is high quality referrals.

Once the client has become a client of this company they will manage their loan for life. They have been doing exactly that for people since 2003. The other ingredient that helps them excel in the mortgage business is that they have many lenders and investors at their disposal. They are not a " one trick pony" like most local banks. They also have no agenda in keeping the client at an elevated interest rate because they are either servicing their loan or holding the paper.

This mortgage company's only agenda is to service the customer. The company is Versatile Mortgage Funding Co. They are from Traverse City, Michigan where they can effectively service Northern Michigan and the entire State of Michigan. Learn more about this extraordinary service by visiting: http://www.

Craig Gibson has been active in some facet of the Real Estate Industry for 30 years. Also in the last 10 years he has been involved in web site design, was an Internet Service Provider and has been active in internet marketing and e-commerce. He received a BS in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University and he began his masters program at MSU. Later he attended Harvard University in Special Studies.

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