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Simple Free Work From Home Opportunity Idea

Are you a blogger? It is one of the easiest ways to make money online today! In this article we want to talk about how you can combine every email you send with blogging to create a free work from home opportunity to earn money. I suppose I should say that if you do not have a blog you can go to and set one up in three easy steps for free. Google owns Blogger.

com and has done an excellent job of developing this into a fantastic blogging platform that anyone can use to start a blog of their own. Google search keywords that target specific niche or businesses in is one thing you can do. Then browse the results that come up in the first two or three pages and look for blogs that have the words Blog Spot in them. These are blogger blogs and can give you some tips on how to create a blog. That is exciting and something you could be proud of. Now let's talk about how you can make money working at home combining your blog and every email you send out.

The way you do that is you set up an email signature that automatically is included at the bottom of every e-mail that you send. You can quickly do this in any email provider that you use including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Outlook Express, and so on. What you want to do is include your name, a keyword phrase that describes what your blog is about, and then a link to your blog.

The keyword phrase can be a short sentence or could even be something similar to the title of an article. For example, if you had a blog about quick cooking recipes you could put your name on the first line, "Easy Recipes For Quick Meals on the next line, your blog website address under that. Do you have an idea of how many emails you send out every day? This is a way to get free traffic to your blog.

The way to make money working from home with blogging is to monetize your blog with either products that you created, or affiliate products that you can join for free. You can add a banner to your blog, or even hyperlinked phrases backed various products within your blog posts themselves as an affiliate marketer. This is a free work from home opportunity anyone can do and a way to get traffic to it just by changing one thing you do on a daily basis.

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