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A real estate marketing flyer box is a "24 hours a day agent", and is standard equipment among high producing real estate agents. And what do you suppose you do with them? Stuff them with real estate marketing flyers, of course! And as you may know, real state marketing flyers are the bread and butter of the real estate indusrtry. A good, informative real estate marketing flyer has enough information on it to get the most desireable response; a phone call or email message to you. The rest, as the say, will be up to you. The flyer should at a minimum have your full name, address, and phone number(s), your photograph, a photograph or two of the listings, price, property description, and description of the location, neighborhood, and amenities.

A good real estate marketing flyer will also be attractively designed, neat and devoid of clutter. It should also be done in clear and easy to read type fonts. Although color copies are relatively expensive these days it is still a good idea to have at least a splash of color.

Perhaps your real estate marketing flyer can reflect the happenings in your community, such as a photograph of the local sports team, an attractive park in the area, or a scenic view. Let the flyer sell you and your listings for you! And as implied above, real estate marketing flyers are no longer restricted to placement inside homes. Additionally, you can place them outside homes and have them market your listings 24/7. Many real estate marketing flyer boxes come equipped with easy reach business card dispensers. Some all-weather-resistant construction boxes will hold over one hundred single sheet flyers in a upright fashion. No slouching, no bunching! The self-closing lid and ventilation system keeps the real estate marketing flyers just like new.

So, if you're not marketing via real estate marketing flyers, or if you are not marketing with outside flyer boxes you may want to consider stepping it up a notch or two. Afterall, the more successful agents are marketing 24/7! Are you?.

Lanard Perry is the author of "Farming Expired Listings" - a Real Estate Listing System Ebook that shows Realtors how to average 1 or more listings a week. Visit and to learn and earn more.

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