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Product Launches How To Design Your Own Figure Launch Days

Even had a product offer pound your inbox and your receive different mailings about the same product from different list owners? I have! You probably have too if you are subscribed to a few marketing lists. The truth is, some of these products reach 5-figure launch days. But the big myth is that these launches only occur in the Internet marketing niche.

That's an idea of a close world view, to be honest. Because such launches also happen in other niches. You can design your own 4-figure launch day in your niche market, if you think big, create a big plan and work that plan.

It's a numbers game. The more joint venture partners you contact, the more joint venture partners you are going to have. You will get more traffic, more leads and more sales. The most important word in product launches is 'buzz'. You have got to create that small buzz in your market. When you have joint venture partners mailing out a promotion for you, you have created that buzz.

People will start posting on forums about your product. Of course, your product should be a quality product so that it will receive more good reviews. What you will want to do is create a pre-launch page and build a pre-launch list for your product.

When it gets closer to launch day, offer the product to your exclusive list before it goes live. This is a great way to make your list feel special. You can track conversion rates to see how well your product and sales letter is converting. Often when launching a new product, it is easy to overlook the pre-launch phase.

The pre-launch phase is the phase between the creation of your product and the launch day. This is the phase you should use to warm your market up to your upcoming product launch. In other words, you "salt" the market until they are thirsty for your product on launch day. The pre-launch phase is what creates a buying frenzy. Firstly, what you need to do to create a pre-launch buzz is to create a pre-launch page.

You should offer a free report on this page that acts as a teaser to your main product. Your should capture people's emails on this page so you can follow them up for the launch itself. On the page, you should have a timer that counts down to the launch day.

This creates huge anticipation. You can get these timers from Javascript sites like

Next, you should contact potential joint venture partners to launch your product. You can find joint venture partners on Clickbank's marketplace or just by searching through listings on Google to find other entrepreneurs in your niche. Approach them and ask them to promote your product. Give them an incentive to promote your product by doing perhaps a cross-promotion, offer huge commissions and even affiliate contest prizes. You must do everything you can to help your partners succeed with your product launch because they will be your main generators of traffic. Your success depends on their success.

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