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Personally branding your capture page will increase your online sales

The most important thing you can do to increase the percentage of sales or number of opt ins is to create a personally branded capture page or website. If you are in a internet marketing affiliate program you need to make yourself different from everyone else. People don't just buy into a opportunity, they buy into you and your team.

Project a successful image to attract success. What goes into making a personally branded capture page or website? You can put a picture of yourself, smile and be warm. If you are marketing a business opportunity you could have a picture of yourself next to a mansion or something that represents success to you. Second , project enthusiasm in your voice when you record a audio. Third you can have a video of yourself on your capture page or website. Video is my favorite because it has it all - Audio, visual and can be uploaded free from a Sony camera with Google video.

Look straight into the lens when recording the video , smile and be warm and inviting. Be yourself. That goes a long way towards establishing trust and rapport with your potential affiliate or customer. There are several ways you can create a personally branded capture page.

You can create it yourself using a service like marketing burst. They have short videos that guide you step by step through how to create your page. You can create as many different capture pages as you want.

You will want to have different things on it depending on which market you are targeting. Example if you are targeting network marketers it will be different then if you are targeting general business opportunity seekers. They have over 50 different templates you can choose from including blank ones. Or there are services that will create your page for you. You can chose the pictures you want to have on it and record your own audio or video. This option is fast and you will have a professional looking capture page.

Some important links to creating your own personally branded capture page or website are here: Unlimited audio recordings for your website or capture page: This company gives you unlimited capture pages and autoresponders: Here you can get your own domain name for your business: http://www. If you want a professionally done personally branded capture page made for you fast: http://www.TheHomeBizPeople.

com Good luck making you personally branded capture page or website. Remember to tell your own story. You are a unique individual with your own personal approach.

Make it your own!.

Jeff Goodman is a coach for Abundant wealth He is looking for people who can envision creating a six figure income with a automated online business: Wealthy Marketer . He lives in Hawaii in a beautiful place by a waterfall.

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