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John Beck

John Beck sells a course called "Free and Clear". It is advertised to be able to show you how to buy houses and property free and clear for just pennies on the dollar with his "easy to follow, simple" courses. John's entire Money Making Kit is only $39.95 plus shipping and handling, which is another $14.50, and for placing your order by credit card you will receive membership in John Beck's "Property Vault" for 30 days absolutely free. What John Beck does not tell you is that you will hounded to buy more expensive courses, coasting at least $22,000.

00 and in some cases a lot more. John Beck's systems come with a 30 day money back guarantee which reads, GUARANTEE: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! (Less S&H) If you're not 100 percent satisfied with JOHN BECKS FREE & CLEAR SYSTEM ON BOOKS, return this item within the specified guarantee period for a complete refund (less Shipping & Handling). To return this product, simply contact the direct customer service number below and arrange for the product to be returned. Before buying into John Beck's system you need to read the following from some of the people who have experienced John Breck first hand.

10/25/2007 - Ray writes: I bought the 39.95 startup kit, which has about as much info as you will get. I was told for additional $12,500. I would get a personal coach. I paid the 12,500 and received the kit.

I bailed on the program and the several people I talked to tried to convince me otherwise. Each was nastier than the one before. At this point they are refunding 12,000 and holding 499.00 for enrollment fee BULLS@$T. I found out that they base the amount on how much you make.

I met a realtor who gave me more info than ever and the advice was free. Now we buy and flip on a regular basis. I would like to get all of you to email me and we should stand and give them what they deserve. 20/20 would love to do this story. 10/24/2007 - Iris writes: I purchase the John Beck program for 39.

95 over the internet. I declined to the membership of the property vault but they still charge me the monthly 39.95. I called customer service to cancel around July after reviewing my credit card statement. A few days after, the calls began trying to get in touch with me to sell me the program. At first I ignored the messages on my answer machine.

Then one day without thinking I answered the phone and this guy Adam Chase caught me. He sounded so nice and what he said sounded real. He told me that they have help thousands of people earn a lot money. He also said that they were going to help earn six figures within days. I guess I was lucky that I only paid 2,200.

00, on this program. When I received the package I went through it and was disappointed. None of what Adam said over the phone was true. The information in the package has nothing to do from what he told me. Well, I waited for customer service to call me and schedule the coaching sessions. When they did it was a month later.

I tried to talk to someone in customer service and I was giving the name of the sales manager, who I was told is in charge of complaints. Her name is Karen. I left her messages and every time I called she was busy or out of the office. She never calls me back. When the coach called he stared telling me how to get the information to buy properties. I went off.

I told him what I was told when they were trying to get my money. This guy told me to call customer service and tell them what this guy Adam Chase told over the phone and tried to get my money back. I was told by customer service that there is no record that I spoke to Adam Chase. Imagine how I felt. I Kept trying to get my money back but customer services told me that they have giving me 3 days to review the material. How do I make a decision whether or not to keep the program if the coaching sessions were scheduled a month later? 10/17/2007 - George writes: I ordered the system, read it and learned nothing I had not already known.

A Postcard came in the mail with a warning that in 14 days they were going to bill my credit card 39.95 for access to the Property Vault. I called to cancel then went online to my bank statement and saw they had ALREADY taken the money before I was even sent the card. This is nothing more than fraud! 10/14/2007 - Darrin writes: I was up late one night watching TV. and saw JOHN BECK'S infomercial and decided to call and get more info.

Half-way thru the call I decided to hang-up without agreeing to anything still received the packet in the mail and decided to keep it and check out some of the websites with no success. This morning (10/14/07) my wife noticed that we are being billed monthly 39.95.I have tried to contact via phone and e-mail with no success.

10/14/2007 - Francesca writes: I have seen the commercial and taught: wow this would be a great income.well wrong, not only did I lose my time but the product was B.S when I spent 1 month trying to cancel it cause they kept on charging my credit card. I paid for something I could've researched by myself on the internet.

This is a Rip Off! 10/13/2007 - Karle writes: Unbelievable. When I got my package I opened it up with great anticipation and to my dismay, my dreams and hopes of a bright future were shot down. JB is lucky I cannot physically touch him or I would shoot him. A bunch of nonsense bull !@#$ that has gotten me nowhere. I tried using his stupid property vault thing and found out I had to pay just to get some stupid lists that I can get from the county clerks office for free. Since then, I have had to cancel two accounts and close my credit card.

I guess a real job is the only way to make good money. 10/13/2007 - Chris writes: I ordered the John Beck package for 39.95 and faster shipping for 9.50. I have not received any package cant get anyone on the phone. I have been ripped off and yet my credit card is billed for $64.

00 I have sent ticket e-mail marked urgent and get it sent back low priority do these people ever respond? People beware of this man called John Beck it is just a scam. I think that's enough information about John Beck for me to understand that he is right. You can make money with his system but you have to be the one selling it and then keep the money when people, who are dissatisfied with it, want a refund.

John Beck a Scam? Get an Objective Opinion on this marketing Guru

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