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Internet Marketing Fad Or Long Term Income Potential

Internet marketing is the latest rage. People are making big money, literally sitting in their underwear at home. But I contend that most people in internet marketing are not making any money at all.

And if you count the millions of dollars that are spent on training materials and courses, they are losing money. So how to do it? Probably the biggest thing is focus. If you just had focus and determination, you could probably make it online without much more help. You see, I believe that one of the biggest profit-killers on the internet is that everyday there is a new opportunity to make money.

You have barely started to understand how something works, but because it did not make you money the first week, you jump over to something else. Consistency is key. You must be consistent. Pick one thing online and become an expert.

There is plenty of room online for more experts. And guess who is making money online--the experts. Not the person who is into a different program every week.

Get online, become an expert, and then you will succeed. Follow these 5 steps: 1) Decide what you are going to do and then JUST DO IT. 2) Track and test everything you do. You will never succeed online by rolling the dice.

You see, even if something worked you wouldn't know how nor what to do to duplicate it. 3) Become the very best at whatever you are doing. Not just good, but the very best. Know everything you can know about the subject. You see, people buy information, not just books. They buy the information.

And who do they buy it from? From people who have the information, not just someone hawking the latest book or video. They are really buying the information in that book or video. 4) Be willing to share what you learn.

Write articles (always link them back to your site). Start a blog. Put your information on your web site, even before you are charging for it.

Let people get used to the idea that you know what you are talking about. 5) Do something everyday. You will never get anywhere online spending a few minutes here and a few minutes there. If you are working the internet part-time, spend 30 hours a week working it.

If you are full-time, spend 50 + hours every week, until you have reached your desired income.

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