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How To Sell Without Selling In The Internet Marketing Industry

Internet marketing industry has become one of the most saturated and competitive niches. The reason for that is because a lot of marketers buy almost any new product on impulse, thinking it's going to help them automate their business even more, or just make more money. But after a few years this has changed too. Nowadays with all the marketing hype and new products people are not willing to spend money on something unless they truly need that product. The easiest way to make a sale as an affiliate, or a vendor is when the customer has already made up his mind about making a purchase. When the customer knows he needs a certain product then there is almost nothing that will stop him from buying it.

On the other hand, if you try to convince your prospect that he/she needs your product, or service, it's going to be a lot harder to make that sale. It's a human nature to prove yourself you are right, and if originally you didn't think you need a certain product, then you will keep trying to find reasons not to purchase it. So how can we help prospects make a buying decision without looking like a pushy salesman? First, let's look at some of the marketing tactics used in the industry to generate traffic and sales.

- Copywriting - PDF files - Email Marketing - Article Marketing - Press Releases - Video - Screen Captures - Audio The above marketing tactics are widely used by all internet and affiliate marketers. All of them are very powerful and if used correctly can generate a lot of sales and traffic. But how can we use them to sell something without actually selling anything. It's quite simple in fact. Instead of trying to convince people that your product is the best thing out there, you should concentrate on giving away free info on how you use it to help you run your own business. By changing your strategy this way, you will gain more credibility and won't look like a pushy salesman.

People will actually like you for all the great free content you are giving away, and at the same time they will want your product. So let's look at some examples: 1. You could create a free PDF reports teaching people some cool new strategies that work for you. You could show people how your product makes the strategy a lot easier and automated perhaps. This way you are not trying to sell to them.

You would actually just help them understand that they need it too. 2. Write Press Releases and Articles. The more articles and press releases out there about your product or service the better chance you have making a sale.

People search Google for specific product names to find out more information. This could also help them make the decision. 3. Screen Captures are excellent for this strategy.

Why not make a video showing people right on their Desktop your strategies, and how some products help you make it the best out of it. Screen Capture is probably the most effective marketing tool for preselling, so you should use it as much as possible. 4. Copywriting of course plays the major role in internet marketing. Some think it's more important than getting traffic to your website. If you are a great copywriter then you could really make your sales copy sound less pushy and more informative.

That's just a few examples that you could use in your selling strategy. As you can see it's possible to sell things online without actually selling anything. People are getting immune to pushy marketers who simply try to push their products down their customer's throat.

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