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Dont Let Someone Else Pocket Your Domain Profits

Is someone else profiting from your domain names? I know it sounds crazy but if you have any "parked" domains, chances are the answer to that question is "Yes." These are profits, from something you own, that you will never get (or possibly even know about!) You probably already know that money earned from Google's Adsense can add up quickly. Well your domain registration/hosting company knows that too. And most are not shy about letting you "enjoy free domain parking" while pocketing all the money earned from the ads on your parked page.

This is BIG business and you're entitled to a piece. This was happening to me until recently. Now I get an average of $3.50 per day, per domain name - completely on auto-pilot. It's not a fortune to be sure, but that's over $100 per month that I get for doing about fifteen minutes work - just one time. If you want in on the action but don't have any parked domains, think about buying a $2 domain on Yahoo.

The process is really simple. You can use the services of several companies. I'll use Google because I'm showing you exactly how I did it. But feel free to use any service you like. First, sign up for a free Adsense account at http://www. - if you don't already have one. But DON'T get your ad code yet. I have some tips that can triple your response rates - and income. By the way, 'Yahoo Publisher', another income generating ad resource, is in Beta but also looks good so far -

com/. Now, if you want killer free information about your visitors and some really nice metrics information, get your free Google Analytics account at If you'd rather not use Google, give http://www. a try. It's also free. Now for the frosting on the cake; hosting.

You have options and can go several different routes with this. One is to use a revenue share like CashParking, the one offered by

In short, you pay a monthly fee, and they share a percentage of the income generated from the ads on your web page. Godaddy is my favorite registration service, but I had to pass on this one. With no usable content on these pages or helpful free SEO (search engine optimization) tools I believe the odds of getting many visitors are slim to none.

Besides that, the idea of paying a monthly fee, just to get back part of my own profits is not really for me. After some digging, I went with It works out to be a lot less expensive for me, gives me loads of control and builds a full website for me in just a few minutes.

Best of all, I got ranked on Google in just three days ? using one of their free automated tools. That's it for the main article. If you go with a service like http://www. however, you might want to stick around for a few more minutes. Because WhyParkWeb gives you such control (with no complicated actions on your part) I am able to offer you a few insider tips that can easily triple your income. Really! If you'd like to check out an actual site I have setup, feel free to visit http://www. (but please don't click any ads unless you really want to see the product.) Okay, let's do this by the numbers. #1 How to find the best keywords It's easier than ever to find the best keywords. Let's start with Overture's Web-based tool.

It's amazing. Give it a try at Just type in a word or phrase that has to do with your domain name and get the actual searches done within a given month. (Please Note: This link was accurate at the time of this writing but has been known to change.

) There's also a free piece of software that's getting great reviews. It's called Good Keywords version 2. It's a freeware product available for instant download from #2 How to write a killer Website title that search engine like Google love.

Let's do a real project, shall we? Let's say we have a domain name to do with custom cakes. If we enter the word 'cake' into the Overture search, we'll get a ton of results. Let's just look at the first few: wedding cake - 307,975 (searches performed for this keyword/phrase in just one month) cake - 225,183 (same deal.) birthday cake - 185,054 baby shower cake - 45,287 Take your most important specific and general keyword phrases and put them together, specific first; general second. Let's use "wedding cake" and "cake". Now separate the keywords or phrases by a pipe (that vertical key over the Enter/Return key).

We now have "wedding cake | cake". Now go back and grab one or two more relevant keywords like "birthday cake" and "baby shower cake" and combine them like this "wedding cake | cakes for birthdays, baby showers and more". Now you've covered all your bases and build a fantastic keyword rich title that won't look like keyword spamming. More importantly it's one that people will actually read. You have singular and plural versions of "cake(s)", which will also help - a lot.

#3 How to write a META description that will really get you noticed. This is important. Not only can this tip alone get you ahead of most competitors, but it's also what readers see of your site before they decide to visit.

You need to write something for people, but that search engines will like. Don't worry. It's much simpler than it probably sounds.

Take all of your keywords and line them up in order of importance. Since "wedding cake" gets more searches than any other, let's start there and use the same logic for the rest. Now we have, in order, "wedding cake", "cake", "birthday cake", and "baby shower cake.

" Be sure to improve your keyword prominence (relevance based on position) by using your best keyword within the first few words of the description, like this: "Wedding cakes made easy! Get great articles, recipes and decorating tips to make cakes for your special occasion. From triple-layer double chocolate birthday cakes to baby shower cup cake buffets; we have tips to make your special occasion delicious." As you can see, we used all of our keywords without overloading the text and broke it up a little by adding some detail. It works great! Just try to keep the description at or under 250 characters (including spaces).

#4 How to add great content Why Park ( does 99.9% of the work for you. All you have to do is enter your keywords into the article finder provided by the "Research Your Keywords" link (located beside the keywords box.

) Without using any imagination at all, I found 121 articles in a few seconds. cake - 98 (articles) wedding cake - 11 birthday cake - 9 baby shower cake - 3 Total Articles: 121 Add "wedding" and get another 788! That's 909 articles in 10 seconds. You get the idea - more general related keywords can take you over the top and give you a huge, content-rich search engine friendly site, in seconds! #5 How to get the best-pulling Adsense ad style and color combination My click-through rate (CTR) tripled when I switched to this format. Select ad size 336 x 280. If that's too big, try 300 x 250.

And try to make your ad border and ad background colors the same as your Website's background color. It helps it blend in and take away some of the "advertisement" feel. It's also usually best to go with the standard blue hyperlink color for the actual links. But with all that said, don't be afraid to experiment. This might be the cheapest controlled research you ever come across, so enjoy it.

I change my ad colors (but not size) every so often to see what works best ? but the above method has worked best to date. #6 How to get submitted to major search engines fast and free I use this place all the time. They are great. They submit your site to 40 search engines instantly, for free - http://www.submitexpress.

com/. There's another great little trick that will help get your site noticed by Google FAST, Google Sitemaps -

You won't need this when setting up your site but you can add it right after (from the Edit option) - and its well worth the five minutes it will take. It's free search engine submission directly into Google's pipeline. Now you're ready! You can do this with no problem. Take back control of your domain names and pocket your own profits.

Good luck!.

Former Information Technology manager for Harvard University, Michael Small is the founder of free search engine optimization site and author of several well-known search engine optimization books including the SEO Notebook ?

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